WHTC Video Results

We gladly show you some of the video-results of Dr. Mwamba. As you can read in the price list Dr. Mwamba offers FUE variants with little to no shaving. Because the prices are significantly lower if the patient allows a more generous shave, some patients opt deliberately for larger areas shaves.

2837 Grafts FUT - Scarring black women

1010 Grafts FUE/FIT Women

1538 Grafts FUE/FIT

1382 Grafts FUE/FIT

704 Grafts FUE/FIT

1093 Grafts FUE/FIT Women

2744 Grafts FUT - Women

1920 Grafts FIT/FUE

1030 Grafts FUE/FIT

1143 Grafts FIT/FUE black women

705 Grafts FIT/FUE Beardtransplant - Beardhairtransplant

1012 Grafts FIT/FUE

Transplantation sideburns and temples

3585 Grafts FIT/FUE

Additional info: This is the state after 6 months. Experience has shown that the growth of the grafts used at this time is at about 60%.

1943 Grafts FIT/FUE Dense Packing

2600 Grafts FIT/FUE

2156 Grafts FIT/FUE

3515 Grafts FIT/FUE

3781 Grafts FIT/FUE

3500 Grafts FIT/FUE

1000 Grafts FIT/FUE

1800 Grafts FIT/FUE Repair

2000 Grafts FIT/FUE

1787 Grafts FIT/FUE Dense Packing

Info regarding shaves


With our My U-FUE Hair Transplant technique from WHTC the hair in the recipient area can basically stay long!

And with the "My U-FUE Classic" generally no shave is needed!

Our FUE Prices

Starting from 3.40 Euro per Graft!

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