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Dr. Patrick Mwamba and the FUE Hair Transplant Technique without shaving  

Dr. Patrick Mwamba

You would like to perform a FUE hair transplant without shaving head? FUE hair transplant without shaving of the recipient area, or even an FUE hair transplant without any type of shaving, either in the recipient area plus in the donor area?

My WHTC - World Hair Transplant Center of Dr. Patrick Mwamba in Brussels, Belgium

Then you are exactly right on our website, the "My U-FUE" hair transplant Technique of the World Hair Transplant Center - My WHTC from Dr. Patrick Mwamba! Our Medical Director Dr. Patrick Mwamba, Brussels/Belgium - is one of the most experienced fue hair surgeon worldwide (FUE since 2002).

Modern FUE hair transplant today achieves beautiful results, but most hair shaving is required. More and more patients in representative occupations and special celebrities (VIPs) wish a hair transplant without shaving head and asking for a hair transplant without any type of shaving (no and zero shave of recipient area or/and donor area see also No Shave FUE Hair Transplant - "My U-FUE Classic") and to be fast socially acceptable again. 

Dr. Patrick Mwamba, the clinical director of WHTC is performing high-quality FIT/FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) since 2002 and offering the unshaved "My U-FUE Classic - Hair Transplant" - FUE without any shave  (either donor area nor recipient area) since 2010. Read more about the > FUE without shaving head technique - "My U-FUE Classic").

Follicular Unit Extraction Hair Restoration and the shaving as a disadvantage. Especially for women and men who want to be socially acceptable again quickly and not want to shave the head

Many patients - especially celebrities, VIPs, women and men who would like to be quickly socially acceptable again - choose often still today for a FUT - strip, because with the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) many hair surgeons often shaving (shave) the complete hair on the entire head, or shaven at least the complete hair in the donor area. But this means to be not quick socially acceptable. This - as well as the significantly higher costs and significantly longer operation time - are the biggest disadvantages of Follicular Unit Extraction. Therefore, nowadays still many women and men decide against FUE.

FUE Hair Transplant without shaving head technique: "My U-FUE Classic" → No shave FUE, without any type of shaving and quick socially acceptable

Hair Transplant without shaving head

The picture above: Recipient area without shaving - all hair can be left long

Basically, in all variants of My U-FUE hair transplant (Hair Restoration without shaving head technique) from the World Hair Transplant Center - WHTC, there is zero shave, no shaving, no shave of hair and no short hair cut of the recipient area needed. If there are still hair in the reception area, they can left longer - and the not shaved/not shortened - hair possible can help to hide the scabs and redness after a hair restoration and to be faster socially acceptable! For example, after a hair transplantation in the temples/receding hairline the long hair and not shaved and not shortened hair may help to make the crusts/scabs and redness almost unrecognizable when the remaining hair is combed over the transplanted area. 

For example, the long hair may help, when the unshaved - non shaven fue hair transplant done in existing areas. Then scabs and redness between the longer hairs are hard to see. 

"My U-FUE Classic" → The VIP "Non Shaven" Hair Transplant (fue hair transplant without shaving head technique):

As one of the few doctors worldwide, Dr. Mwamba offers the "Non Shave" Follicular Unit Extraction without any type of shaving, the → "My U-FUE-Classic".

This means no and zero shave (non shaving) in the recipient area, as well as non shaven, no shaving and zero shave in the removal area / donor area:

U-FUE Hairtransplant Extraction without shaving

The picture above: Unshaven Donor Area - "My U-FUE Classic"

For more infos please read → the unshaven and no shaving FUE  "My U-FUE Classic".

WHTC from Doctor Patrick Mwamba in Belgium Brussels: Cheaper My U-FUE hair transplant possibilities: "My U-FUE GJ Cut" and "My U-FUE Patchy Shaven"

For patients (whether women or men) who accept a shave from the hair in the donor area (but still there will be zero and no shave in the recipient area), Dr. Mwamba and My WHTC offers cheaper options of high quality My U-FUE hair transplant. Please read also the chapter My U-FUE GJ Cut and My U-FUE Patchy Shaven. For more general information about the price and costs of all the possibilities of My U-FUE please read → Price and Costs.

Unshaved FUE Hair Transplant in receding hairline (temples), thinning hair areas, a high forehead and bald head can only be performed to patients undergoing androgenic hair loss

For the hair restoration (like in the receding hairline (temples), in thinning hair areas, a high forehead, or bald head)  it is important to know that a hair transplant can only be performed to patients undergoing androgenic hair loss (applies to women and men). Other patterns of hair loss, such as diffuse or circular hair loss (alopecia areata) may not be treated within the spectrum of surgical hair transplants. This is why every patient is advised to undergo a thorough medical investigation prior to a procedure to exclude a possible disease or pathological hair loss. Eventually, sufficient donor hairs are necessary to achieve a successful and satisfying result during the hair restoration process. The non-shaven fue offered by Dr. Mwamba has the advantage that the long hair can keep long and the not shaved and not shortened hair may help to make the crusts/scabs and redness almost unrecognizable when the remaining hair is combed over the transplanted area.  

Doctor Patrick Mwamba in Belgium> FUE without shaving head technique: For contact and more info for men and women regarding the "My U-FUE" Non Shaven Follicular Unit Extraction VIP Solution from My WHTC

For contact and more info for men and women about the Non-shaven FUE VIP Solution and regarding the premium and luxury unshaven - unshaved and zero shave hair restoration by Dr. Mwamba (fue without shave head technique see also our fue without shaving) you can contact us all the time. Please see WHTC Contact or write us a mail to or use our contact form or consultation form all the time!

We are happy to inform you about WHTC/Dr. Mwamba and the possibilities of an FUE VIP Solution respectively unshaved My U-FUE hair transplantation in women and men and without shave / no short cut / shorten / zero shave from the recipient and removal/donor area.

My WHTC (World Hair Transplant Center) in Brussels: The Clinic and our Team

Read some information about the founder and clinical director of the My WHTC - World Hair Transplant Center- Dr. Patrick Mwamba and watch some images of the WHTC clinic and the WHTC Team in Brussels - Belgium: 

WHTC - Clinical Director Dr. Patrick Mwamba

WHTC - Our Clinic

WHTC - Our Team

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With our My U-FUE Hair Transplant technique from WHTC the hair in the recipient area can basically stay long!

And with the "My U-FUE Classic" generally no shave is needed!

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