Donor Restocking (Recharging)

Each donor (fringe) has its individual characteristics and offers a limited supply of grafts (follicular units) for hair transplants before displaying a visible thinning.

As every follicular unit removed from the back of scalp is limiting the precious donor supply of necessary grafts a combination of several techniques for hair restoration may be the best solution for patients with extensive baldness. In case the supply of donor hair is almost depleted Dr. Mwamba is able to restore a diminished wreath of the scalp no matter about the size of the thinning extraction site. The restoration process involves a "one-to-one" transfer of grafts. For each extracted hair from the scalp another body hair will be relocated to the thinning area of the donor so no thinning will be visible. Eventually this method will save necessary donor hair for the restoration process and achieve maximum coverage.  

Info regarding shaves


With our My U-FUE Hair Transplant technique from WHTC the hair in the recipient area can basically stay long!

And with the "My U-FUE Classic" generally no shave is needed!

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Starting from 3 Euro per Graft!

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