My WHTC Klinik Dr. Mwamba
73,  Rue Defacqz
1060 Bruxelles

Tel: +32-2-538-4404 (office)
Mob: +32 479-75-3281

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Important note regarding contact: Doctor Mwamba is many hours a day in the operating room and our consultant regularly attends consultations and is unable to take your call in person. 

Please send us an e-mail, preferably with photographs otherwise we are unable to carry out a pre-assessment. Currently we get a high volume of enquiries, often in relation to medication. In these cases, please first contact a dermatologist who will be able to analyse any hair loss and prescribe appropriate medication. Many thanks!

You can also feel free to send some pictures to

German language: Deutschsprachrige Repräsentanz Schweiz 

Andreas Krämer, Gut Hochstrass, 8280 Kreuzlingen - Switzerland

Please note: Our My U-FUE online consulting partner for Andreas Krämer from Hairforlife (a independent counseling hair transplant center) receive - through various media appearances - many mails and calls every day. Also he regularly attends consultations and through this he is also often unable to take your call in person. 

Info regarding shaves


With our My U-FUE Hair Transplant technique from WHTC the hair in the recipient area can basically stay long!

And with the "My U-FUE Classic" generally no shave is needed!

Our FUE Prices

Starting from 3 Euro per Graft!

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