Hereditary hair loss and hair transplant in Africans - Black patients

From hereditary hair loss people from all continents and all countries and all nations are affected. Africans and blacks take a special place in hair transplants. It is often mistakenly believed that Africans - Blacks do not suffer from hereditary hair loss . But it is not so !

Advantage of the low scalp hair contrast - dark head skin and dark hair

Frequently Africans - blacks (black patients) wear often their hair shaved or very short and because this reason the hereditary hair loss tends to be less obvious. In addition, and more important factor the scalp hair contrast by Africans is very low and that means dark head skin and dark hair and thus africans have the advantage that hair loss is less quickly visible and also, when it comes to hair transplant that with africans often low densities already achieve good optical effect.

Disadvantage of hair transplant in Africans - Blacks and generally in patients with strong curls or with curly hair: More complicated removal of the grafts, higher risks of damage during removal and significantly higher cost 

Even if Africans (black patients) have the advantage with a low scalp - hair contrast, however Africans (blacks - black patients) and also patients with very curly hairs (curls) have one big disadvantage: Many want do FUE hair transplant but will refused.

The fact that the hair follicles under the skin grow very bent and the removal significantly takes more time and also the removal is more complicated. If a hair surgeon have not enough experience and no relevant knowledge, then a significant portion of the extracted grafts is easily damaged and this ends ultimately in significantly poorer growth rates.

Successful results of Dr. Mwamba in Africans - Africans and with patients with curly hair (curls)

As one of the most experienced FUE doctors worldwide (fue since 2002), Dr. Mwamba has done many hair transplants with curly hairs (curls) and africans and black patients. An example of a successful FUE hair transplantation in Africans - Africans you see below.

Costs and prices of FUE hair transplant in Africans - Black patients

As a FUE hair transplant in Africans - Blacks is usually significantly more time-consuming, so the costs and prices are significantly higher.

- 7 Euro per graft

A fee of 150 Euro will be added to any of the specified rates for drugs such as antibiotics or anti-swelling agents. All fees exclude travel or residence costs. We may help you finding a hotel next to our clinic.

Important info:

Since 01 January 2016, Belgium has introduced a VAT of 21% on hair transplants. The above prices are the net prices and 21% VAT will be added.

Example of FUE hair transplant in Africans - Black patients

A result of a black patient (women) with fue hair transplant 1142 Grafts



Directly after the operation: 

The result: 

Compare before/after front: 

Compare before/after left: 

Compare before/after right: 

Info regarding shaves


With our My U-FUE Hair Transplant technique from WHTC the hair in the recipient area can basically stay long!

And with the "My U-FUE Classic" generally no shave is needed!

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