Powered Cole Isolation Device


The new powered PCID being efficiently developed by Dr. John Cole is an electronic device to safely extract grafts / follicular units (Info: Dr. Patrick Mwamba was teached through Dr. John Cole and has been working as a surgical assistant for more than six years (from 2000 - 2006) at Dr. John Cole´s office in Atlanta - before being licensed as a physician in Europe and opening his own practice and clinic in Brussels (since 2006), see also: Dr. Mwamba - WHTC Clinical Director).

Dr. John P. Cole and Dr. Patrick Mwamba

Picture above: Left Dr. John P. Cole and right Dr. Patrick Mwamba 

Dr. John Cole is developing and selling surgical tools for hair transplant procedures over years. Numerous notable hair surgeons worldwide are using his instruments, a lot of them being specifically made for the extraction process during FUE featuring the most effective punches with the sharpest walls in the hair transplant business (read also www.fuehairtransplant-pcid.com/the-cole-serrounded-punch-sharpest-punch-in-the-industry/). 


All patients are slightly different and have both different skin and varying hair characteristics.

Some patients have short hair follicles, some have long hair follicles. Some have fine hair, others have thick, or even coarse hair. Some patients have tight attachments between adipose and the outer roots, some have weak attachments, some have weak attachments between the outer roots sheath and the inner root sheath. Some patients have larger follicle groups with a better hair count, others have small follicular groups only. Some patients have loose and rubbery skin, others have firm, rubbery skin. Some patients tend to have loose soft skin. 

As there are great variabilities between patients one must understand the complexity of the different approaches to patients which every hair surgeon has to individually choose.

The PCID provides electronic support for the extraction process to efficiently remove grafts / follicular units from the donor area. The PCID is currently one of only a few surgical instruments to offer the variability for an efficient use during FUE hair transplants.

Optional settings being made on the PCID are almost unlimited featuring the biggest advantage over all other automated FUE extractors being utilized for hair restoration currently. 

Basically the PCID allows a variety of punches and may be used with the same extractor as for manual removal. It actually offers optimal results with the special Cole Punches (www.fuehairtransplant-pcid.com/the-cole-serrounded-punch-sharpest-punch-in-the-industry/). For utilization the rotating speed (RPM) of the PCID has to be set exactly. The PCID has a limited maximum of 4000 rotations per minute (RPM). Best performance will generally be achieved with the sharpest punch possible and a speed of 1250 RPM. After the punch getting dull the RPM can be increased gradually. Medical instruments being manufactured elsewhere regularly lack this kind of precise speed control. 

Precise speed control and individual adjustment of the settings feature the most important abilities to come with the PCID.

Furthermore the hand-piece is not warming and will presicely allow depth control to minimize the risk of follicle trauma.

As it offers numerous settings the PCID is accurately responding to the variabilities of every patient´s characteristics. Nearly every other automated punch being manufactured for FUE (individual extration of follicles) has a single approach only. However, as mentionned above every patient is different. Any other instrument currently being available lacks the precision of depth control along with general accuracy and functional precision being available only with the PCID.

Eventually the PCID helps to prevent regular weakening of the physician during the procedure and allows to offer lower rates due to a higher efficiency. 

For more information read also www.fuehairtransplant-pcid.com

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