Body Hair Transplant - Bodyhairtransplantation (BHT)

For the process of body hair transplant - bodyhairtranslantation (BHT) Dr. Mwamba is skillfully making use of the FIT method to redistribute hair from other parts of the human body onto the human scalp. Body hair can be removed from legs, abdomen, chest, back or even the face to be relocated to the balding area on the scalp. In various instances of advanced hair loss there is no sufficient supply of resistant hair follicles at the donor area of the scalp as these hairs are primarily been chosen for the restoration process. In case of extensive baldness or limited donor supply body hair transplant may be a completing method to achieve a satisfying result and fulfill the final requirements of the patient since the characteristics of body hair are similar to hair follicles on the human scalp.

Although body hair transplantation is still not as well researched and the growth rate can not be guaranteed (growth rates may be are only at plus / minus 50 % ), but a last resort  to improve the situation. The transplanted hair from the body to the head often change the hair structure when growing on the head (may be grow less curly and will grow more long then on the body) but often not completly and there is no 100 % adaptation.

Therefore (and because there is no 100 % adaptation), transplantation of Body Hairs in the receding hairline or temples should very carefully considered by the hair surgeon. In the negative case, a body hair transplant in the hairline and in the receding hairline might otherwise appear unnatural due to very different hair structure. Tend a BHT seems well suited for fill in thinning areas or transplant to areas like the tonsure. 

At body hair transplant - Body Hair transplantation lot of experience on the part of the hair surgeon is fundamentally necessary to ensure the greatest possible chance of good growth of the grafts.

For women, unfortunately, the transplantation of body hair usually comes out of the question, there is often only little body hair present and if, then often in a completely inadequate thickness of hair.

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With our My U-FUE Hair Transplant technique from WHTC the hair in the recipient area can basically stay long!

And with the "My U-FUE Classic" generally no shave is needed!

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